Chung Ryong 10 Precepts
1. It is right that there is affection and intimacy
between parents and children.
2. It is right that justice and duty come together
between a nation and its citizen.
3. It is right that there is discretion and affection
between husbands and wives.
4. It is right that there is fraternity between
brothers and sisters.
5. It is right that there is esteem between a
master and a disciple.
6. It is right that the young makes concessions
and respect the elderly.
7. It is right that there is faithfulness and trust
between friends.
8. It is right that there is cooperation and
familiarity between neighbors.
9. It is right, when you set a goal, you do your
best regardless of its size and without giving
It is right that you do not abuse your power but
use it to help others who are weaker and
USCRTKD Membership Oath
1. I respect my honor and keep my dignity.
2. I respect my parents and elders and love my family.
3. My dream makes me happy and benefits others.
4. I will be the leader and lead others with justice.
5. I do not lose my presence of mind in danger.
6. I do not hurt others with my Tae Kwon do skills.
7. I am not the strong to the weak and the weak to the strong.
8. I do not give up on goals that I want to achieve.
9. I do not blame and complain about others.
10. I do not use bad words and hold an evil mind.